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Milwaukee Career College Staff and their Pets

As 2015 approaches, Milwaukee Career College’s staff and instructors reminisce and have much to be thankful for, including our fur babies! Below are some of MCC’s staff and their pet family!

Kellie and Lula

Kellie and Lula

Student Services Coordinator Kellie has a 4 1/2 year old Shih-Tzu named Lula. Kellie received Lula as a college graduation present. When asked what makes Lula the best, Kellie replied “Lula is awesome because of her SUPER sweet personality. She loves everyone (especially children), and never barks. She is a perfect companion for me because we are both allergic to most everything :). Also, a fun fact…many people say she looks like an ewok. ;)”


Dr. Cybela and Patience

Dr. Cybela and Patience

Veterinary Programs Chair and instructor Dr. Cybela is pictured above with his adopted eleven-year-old domestic long hair, Patience. He says, “Patience is a cuddler, a lap cat — she always wants to be curled up on or beside you!”

Dr. Cybela also has two other cats, a four-year-old domestic short hair orange tabby named Marmalade and a one-year-old domestic long hair orange tabby named Mango. Marmalade was adopted by Dr. Cybela’s wife, Vikki, from a client at a clinic she was working at. Mango was adopted after by the family from MADACC/EBHS (he was originally one of the cats that spent time at MCC). “Marmalade is a super cuddler while Mango is very laid-back and friendly. Nothing ever phases him, he is always the one to come out and greet visitors to the house.”

Dr. Cybela also has a hermit crab, Phineas, and a Corydoras catfish named Cory.


Kicsi and Precious

Kicsi (left) and Precious (right)

Tanya has a eleven-year-old domestic long hair named Precious. Precious was three weeks old when Tanya picked her out of a litter of kittens on a farm. Tanya also has a eight-year-old Shih-Tzu named Kicsi brought to her family by the Easter Bunny when she was three months old. “Pets are great because they are entertaining. Having these pets instilled a sense of responsibility and respect for life in my children.


Aristotle and his humans

Aristotle and his humans

Vice President of Operations Jodi has a year and a half old standard poodle named Aristotle. She acquired him through a woman that was ill and could no longer care for him. “Aristotle is part of the family now! He is so gentle with our twin toddlers. He likes to wear sweaters and have his hair dyed funky colors. He does not shed and he is a great watchdog.”


Elias and Petrie

Elias and Petrie

Jenissee has a 6 month old Teddy Bear puppy named Petrie who was given to her as a birthday present from her teenage sons. When asked what was great about her pup, Jenissee said, “He is the friendliest, most loveable dog and is in training to become a therapy dog for my eight-year-old son who is severely visually impaired. He is also wonderful for me because he is hypoallergenic and I am allergic to most dogs — having him as a new addition to the family has been absolutely wonderful!”


Holly has a 8-year-old domestic short hair tabby named Oscar. She found him at a clinic and adopted him into her home. She also has a yellow lab named Gauge who she rescued at a fair. “I had to purchase him because he was the last puppy left and I could not stand the thought of him belonging to anyone else.” Emmy is an 8-year-old domestic short hair that came to Holly as a stray after her parent’s neighbor found her. She also has a 2-year-old yellow lab named Bell that she rescued.

Julie and Bear

Julie and Bear

Julie owns Bear, a therapy cat she works with in hospice to visit the terminally ill. She also takes him to local colleges to help college students “de-stress” during finals week.  Bear was Julie’s inspiration to write a young adult novel that was recently published about overcoming bullying.

Milwaukee Career College Awards Scholarship

Milwaukee Career College’s Veterinary Assistant Program student Allison has been awarded the Melinda Wilkes Memorial Scholarship! Allison has demonstrated perfect attendance, a high grade point average, and is extremely professional in all that she does.

We applaud Allison for her passion in the Veterinary field and can’t wait to see what her future has in store for her! Allison plans to pursue a career as a Veterinary Technician in the future. Congratulations Allison!!

Can You Picture Yourself Here?

MCC Orientation


As summer comes to an end, Milwaukee Career College gears up for the next round of students eager to start their new careers! Staff members Kellie and Laura warmly greeted students arriving for orientation on MCC’s campus yesterday.

This new group of future professionals begin their training on Monday, August 18th.

Welcome to the MCC family new students! We wish you the best of luck as you begin training for your new careers!

Heidi Sehrbrock, Scholarship Winner and Vet Assistant Student

photoThe Imagine America Adult Skills Scholarship was awarded last week, and the lucky recipient was Heidi Sehrbrock, a MCC student attending our Veterinary Assistant program.

Heidi started her training on May 14th, and looks pretty excited about receiving the scholarship. Good luck, Heidi!